A story of freshness


about us

When I first became a massage therapist 5 years ago I didn’t really know what to expect. At the time I was kind of just living, carrying on somewhat content in autopilot - oblivious to any concept of mind-body connection or energy. Many people have asked me how/why I ended up choosing massage therapy and it's hard to answer. After travelling and become more interested in holistic & natural remedies I just took a leap of faith and signed myself up. I knew I was meant to work with people, and what I didn't know at the time, was that my own healing was leading me to this soon to be passion. 


Once I started seeing clients regularly I began to experience what I later learned to be 'energy' - hands on and hands off my clientele. During sessions I would feel moments of overwhelm - my body temperature would rise and almost always my hand(s) would burn & tingle. Sometimes I would just feel an intensity in my chest & my heart would start to race. It's the only way I can explain it- and many people outside my workplace were not able to relate, making me feel alone and wanting to find the root of these "symptoms". I would have trouble letting these feelings/experiences go in ways I would find myself in brutal moods or in actual physical discomfort.  I didn't know why I wasn't handling this type of work well, as no one teaches us about energy + human connection and the healing power of it all. I found it necessary to study energy work through other healers, teachers, spiritual books and podcasts etc. It became clear to me slowly why I was feeling what I was feeling. Energy flows and gets stuck and we are sensitive beings. I learnt that water scientifically cleanses & clears our body and energy field, which really fascinated me as I would find myself physically, mentally and emotionally craving warm flowing water. So at this time the bath really became a way for me to let my body & mind go in all ways. Through salty hot water, deep breathing + relaxation, dark candlelit smokiness, my favourite music - my body was able to release tension, pain, negativity, heaviness - energy. I often naturally float on my back in fetal position- which says something, I think. Humans most definitely crave to be nurtured and if we allow it, a bath can do just that and beyond.


The bath became a space for me to release whether it be physical aches or stagnant energy trapped in my tissues and cells from past trauma I didn't even know was weighing me down. I've said many times that bathing has saved my life and as dramatic as it may sound there is mega truth to this. Learning to comfort, ground, cleanse and nourish my body has vastly improved my mental and physical health. Bathing allows me to continuously dive deeper into my spirituality and connection to the universe. The bath is such a prime opportunity to heal your body- your skin is hot, your pores are open and blood is pumping. Your body is ready to receive and when done right you can make a bath healing and medicinal. 


It is then when I really decided to amp up my bath game. I was adding quality essential oils, powders & herbs/teas of all varieties. This process became routine & necessary for me to continue my work while continuing my growth. For me, sacred bathing is the most powerful form of physical and mental therapy at this time of my life. 


Once I started doing my own research on 'natural' bath products  I was a bit baffled at the toxicity and complexity at a lot of the bath bombs. Many of these bombs seemed to follow the same basic recipe of cornstarch, epsom salt, baking soda + a ton of chemicals. I understand some of these creations are artistic, fragrant, colourful & fun but I knew I wanted to bathe myself in a very different category of product. I wanted naturally healing bath medicine. 

& here we are.